Spivak s celebrated textbook is widely held as one of the finest introductions to mathematical analysis His aim is to present calculus as the first real encounter with mathematics it is the place to learn how logical reasoning combined with fundamental concepts can be developed into a rigorous

Calculus Made Easy

Calculus Made Easy has long been the most popular calculus primer, and this major revision of the classic math text makes the subject at hand still comprehensible to readers of all levels With a new introduction, three new chapters, modernized language and methods throughout, and an appendix

A Tour of the Calculus

Were it not for the calculus, mathematicians would have no way to describe the acceleration of a motorcycle or the effect of gravity on thrown balls and distant planets, or to prove that a man could cross a room and eventually touch the opposite wall Just how calculus makes these things possible

Calculus with Analytic Geometry

This popular student textbook has been revised and updated in order to provide clear explanations of the subject matter, permitting classroom time to be spent in problem solving, applications or explanations of the most difficult points.


Gilbert Strang s Calculus textbook is ideal both as a course companion and for self study The author has a direct style His book presents detailed and intensive explanations Many diagrams and key examples are used to aid understanding, as well as the application of calculus to physics and

The Calculus 7

A revision and renewal of this calculus textbook, now in its seventh edition The author has sought to utlilize the technology now available for the teaching and learning of calculus The hand held graphics calculator is one such form of technology that has been integrated into the book Topics in

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Calculus

A Calculus Course Companion The Hitchhiker s Guide to Calculus begins with a rapid view of lines and slope Spivak then takes up non linear functions and trigonometric functions He places the magnifying glass on curves in the next chapter and effortlessly leads the reader to the idea of derivative.

Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach

Application oriented introduction relates the subject as closely as possible to science In depth explorations of the derivative, the differentiation and integration of the powers of x, and theorems on differentiation and antidifferentiation lead to a definition of the chain rule and examinations of