Primal Mate (Alphas of Sandor #2)

It happened at the worst possible time Nobody knows my terrible secret not my friends, not my colleagues, not even my powerful father All this time, I ve been living and working amongst them as a respected, high powered Alpha woman The only thing saving me from certain ruin and the destruction

Captive Wolf (The Wildcrest Pack, #1)

An alpha who thirsts for blood discovers his greatest temptation yet an omega who belongs to the enemy As a Bloodstrain wolf, Roman Redthorne is one of the most feared shifters in the surrounding territories, and for good reason His family line has been closely guarded for generations, all with

Sidone (Hordesmen, #3)

He s half my age He cooks He fusses over my bad sleeping habits, and knows how to handle a gun Our little reprieve during a mission can only mean one thing my guard is down And the enemy I hunt is watching me, waiting for the perfect time to strike The time is now.

Captive Omega (Earthborn Omegas, #1)

The invasion is real And so is the unbreakable bond between an Alpha and his forbidden Omega I ve been studying the stars and preparing for the coming alien invasion But there s one thing I could never be ready for the way my body responds when I come face to face with an Alpha Stolen from my

Primal Impulse (Primal Alphas, #2)

I thought I was being rescued I was wrong I thought this dangerously handsome, rugged, and sexy Alpha was my savior But when he tosses me over his muscular shoulder and carries me off into the night, I realize just how wrong a girl can be He has a dark past He s hunted by a mysterious

Terror (Hordesmen, #2)

Terror Hordesman came With flowers Red roses He came, he marked me, and he moved into my house This is bad Very bad Because, I m funding the Betaren project he s trying to destroy If he finds out, I fear, he ll kill me.

Wolf Lost (The Wolves of Kismet #1)

An omega on the run An alpha fractured Sawyer Holt can t go home The Alpha who has replaced his father wants to use him as a tool to cement his political power, and Sawyer isn t interested in marrying his father s murderer Dez Sullivan s leg may never heal from his last mission in Afghanistan,

Family Ties (The Family Novak #1)

In a world where the rules are gray and the Don s word is a law unto itself, only one thing is sacred family A Team A.L.P.H.A and Alphabits spin off series River Erikson is a man on the run After scenting his true mate, he s done everything in his power to escape Just because he was born an

Bitter Heat (Heat of Love #3)

A pregnant omega trapped in a desperate situation, an unattached alpha with a lot to prove, and an unexpected fall into love that could save them both Kerry Monkburn is contracted to a violent alpha in prison for brutal crimes Now pregnant with the alpha s child, he lives high in the mountains,

Deviant Betrayal (The Controllers #5)

Before the Copper virus came along, we were ordinary people Developed in a lab, the virus was hailed as the next stage of evolution Little did we know how it would change us, physically and physiologically It divided us There were still ordinary people among us, those for whom the virus did not

Primal Urges (Primal Alphas, #1)

At the Facility, I was used as a human guinea pig for the professor s bizarre whims Now I have escaped, but I don t know how long I can last in this unforgiving wilderness Lost and alone, I fear I will fall prey to one of the predators inhabiting this dark forest But I never expected the predator