Broken Hill Halo (Broken Hill High #2)

I never expected Nate Ryder to change my life the way he did Hell, I never expected to fall in love with the one guy who made my life a living hell for five years, but here I am He s the perfect example of something I never knew I needed He s my rock My salvation He s exactly what I need when

Broken Hill Havoc (Broken Hill High #5)

College How did this happen One minute I m starting my senior year of high school and the next, I m in college Let me repeat myself How did this happen I can t even begin to understand the crazy amounts of drama I ve suffered through over the past twelve months, but I ve never been so happy to

Broken Hill Hurt (Broken Hill High #3)

We had it all until we didn t Nate Ryder has been the center of my world for the past few months He s cared for me, cherished me, and shown me a love I never even imagined could be real He was my rock when my father left and my voice when I didn t have one He was once my bully but now holds my

Broken Hill Hearts (Broken Hill High #4)

I have never been at such a low School work Stuff it Manners Get screwed Being a decent human being Over my dead body And it s all because of him Nate was supposed to be the reason I wake up in the morning until he took that reason away Now, I m left feeling like an empty shell of the girl

Untouchable (Haven Falls #1)

It s official I m the biggest loser in Haven Falls FML Things couldn t possibly get worse from here Everyone leaves me My mom, my friends Kaylah It s like the curse of Henley Bronx Forever alone, and that s no exaggeration I m all I ve got in this world Just me, myself, and I and my

Racing to the Finish: My Story

It was a seemingly minor crash at Michigan International Speedway in June 2016 that ended the day early for Dale Earnhardt Jr What he didn t know was that it would also end his driving for the year He d dealt with concussions before, but concussions are like snowflakes no two are the same And


From beloved author and artist Barbara McClintock comes Vroom , a playful picture book following a little girl s imaginative journey in a race car Join a little girl as she zooms past fields and forests, up mountains, over rivers, through deserts, home again, and into bed in this playful picture

The Race

I like it fast She likes it faster Who will win this race As founder and CEO of UnCaged Fitness, I sponsor some of the hottest fitness properties around Top female athletes and models beg for my attention I m rich I m ruthless And when it comes to my business, I don t play around Until Emma

Open Wheel (Racing on the Edge #9)

How do you choose How do you keep from hurting the ones you love when you know your heart belongs with both of them Seven years ago Arie Riley married Easton Levi, current heart throb of the NASCAR Cup series She made a commitment to him She gave her heart and soul to another Her love is heavy.

Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive Destiny

The first ever authorized biography of Jeff Gordon, the four time championracing legend For over a year, Garner interviewed and observed Gordon atraces, special events, and at home The book is based on extensive interviewswith Gordon as well as in depth interviews with dozens of family members,

Powershift (Skid Row Kings #2)

Mitch Jensen knows what it s like to have nothing and claw your way up from the bottom Living with nothing growing up, he always strives to help those in need Except, he s never met someone who didn t want his help Scarlett James is running from a life she never wanted but was too afraid to

Dangerous Rush (Furious Rush, #2)

Feeling the rush comes with a price Mackenzie Cox has lost everything except Hayden Hayes With Kenzie s racing career over, and her family no longer speaking to her, Hayden has been her rock, as she tries to pick up the pieces of what was once her life But when Hayden s racing team hires his


Ever since the Titans first appeared in her Detroit neighborhood, Astrid Sullivan s world has revolved around the mechanical horses She and her best friend have spent countless hours watching them and their jockeys practice on the track It s not just the thrill of the race It s the engineering of