The Great Terror: A Reassessment

The definitive work on Stalin s purges, Robert Conquest s The Great Terror was universally acclaimed when it first appeared in 1968 Harrison Salisbury called it brilliantnot only an odyssey of madness, tragedy, and sadism, but a work of scholarship and literary craftsmanship And in recent yea

The Revolution Betrayed

One of Marxism s most important texts, The Revolution Betrayed explores the fate of the Russian Revolution after Lenin s death Written in 1936 and published the following year, this brilliant and profound evaluation of Stalinism from the Marxist standpoint prophesied the collapse of the Soviet Unio


Overthrowing the conventional image of Stalin as an uneducated political administrator inexplicably transformed into a pathological killer, Robert Service reveals a complex and fascinating story behind this notorious twentieth century figure Drawing on unexplored archives and personal testimon

The Russian Anarchists

In the turmoil of the Russian insurrection of 1905 and civil war of 1917, the anarchists attempted to carry out their program of direct action workers control of production, the creation of free rural and urban communes, and partisan warfare against the enemies of a free society Avrich consulted